Saturday, May 28, 2011


I wish I didn't wait so long to post about my trip to Savannah with Dahlia Rose, Eliza Gayle, and Jessica Lee. A lot of my thoughts of what we saw and did are jumbled. But what sticks out right now in my memory is the feeling of just relaxing by the pool with Eliza and Dahlia, just chitchatting about any and everything. Our industry and writing of course was thrown in there.

We were sitting on the edge of the pool with our feet in the water. Then we moved to a table when we realized it was just after 6 p.m. and the whole Rapture thing. I checked FB on my phone, and then we were cracking up at all the funny posts people did about still being here. At one point, we wondered if Jessica was the only one to be taken, or if she's scare us by being missing since we left her in the room resting.

Savannah is very beautiful. I loved seeing first hand the moss hanging in the trees. I assumed the moss was hard for some reason, but when we were in the graveyard, some of the trees hung very low, and I was able to touch the moss. It's very soft.

Like I mentioned, we visited the graveyard, and anyone who knows me knows I don't like to scare myself or have others do it. I don't watch movies that scare me, and I don't play when it comes to spirits. Of course, my fellow authors had no such limitations. So I agreed to go on a late night ghost tour.

We weren't able to get the hurst tour, darn it (lol) but our bus was sufficiently black with cobwebs hanging from the ceiling.

The guide told ghost stories that I will not repeat. You'll have to go to find out about them. I'm not causing myself another night hiding under the covers like I did that first night after the tour. At one point a recording was played that was supposedly one done in the room where a woman had been murdered. The voice on the tape was saying... ok, never mind. I'm already scaring myself again. See Savannah ghost tour.

In the safety of daylight we toured a beautiful boat that gave me all kinds of great story ideas. I was told the boat sleeps twenty-four, but we only saw a master bdroom and a tiny room that held bunk beds and little else. The shower in the bathroom was bigger than many I've seen in homes.

There were so many places with such character, so old yet charming. We passed down streets where the sky was almost completely blocked out from the trees cocooning the houses and road.

Oh, on the note of ghosts and crazy things authors do--we decided to explore the area near our hotel at night. We were looking for some of the interesting houses we'd spotted during the tour. Because the ladies hadn't gotten quite enough of being scared, someone suggested we walk down a dark creepy alley. Crazy I tell you. Haha. Don't try this on your visit to Savannah, or at least, don't say you got the idea from my blog.

Speaking of Savannah, two of my books are set in this wonderful city. That's Saving Shawnie, a vampire story, which I think Savannah is a great backdrop for, and Courting Savannah, a contemporary romance. Both are published by Sugar and Spice Press, and they're available where e-books are sold online.

We shopped at various stores. There was an area in the middle of a square (there are lots of different squares throughout the historic district of Savannah). In this particular one was the Market Place where on both sides were a row of stores.

When the Georgia sun got to be too much for me, I sat on a bench and watched the horse drawn carriages stop so the animals could rest and drink water from a huge bucket the driver balanced on her knee. I did wonder how she could do that since she was really tiny, and the buckets looked like they weighed more.

One of the places we stopped at was a candy store where a couple of the ladies picked up fudge. Since I don't prefer it, I just took pictures of funny decorated apples in a winding case. You can find those pictures on my Facebook page. Don't think I resisted all treats though. Later, on our last night, I bought chocolate sprinkled popcorn and ate it in bed while watching TV in the hotel room. Yum! Now that's a memory I will pause to enjoy. Lol.

Okay there is so much more I can share, but I don't want a mile long post. If you haven't visited Savannah, I suggest you go. You won't regret it. The historic district cannot be beat. Oh and I suggest the crab cakes when you're wondering what to order in the local restaurants. They were delicious.

Friday, May 27, 2011


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