Wednesday, December 26, 2018

One Night at Christmas

Bryson Scott and Charon Cooper are best friends who have never met—in person. Every morning, Charon starts her day with a video chat with Bryson. They cook breakfast together, talk about everything, and then go about their separate lives. Two people couldn’t be more different.

Bryson dreams of power, position, and money. He will stop at nothing to get it, including marrying the right woman. Charon just wants a quiet and stress-free life. She’s happy working in a pizza restaurant while improving her art.

When Bryson tells Charon he’s drawing up a contract to get married, Charon knows it’s time to let go of the man she’s come to love. She won’t keep being his friend if he’s unavailable. Bryson doesn’t like it, but neither of them is willing to give up on their dreams.

So Bryson makes a proposal. One night at Christmas, they spend it together in person, making love. Then they say good-bye forever. The night is everything Charon could imagine. Big, sexy Bryson burns Charon up in the bedroom. But the fallout, beginning the next morning, is not according to plan.