Saturday, May 19, 2012

Coming Soon to Amira Press


Whisper has always been in the shadow of her slimmer, sexier best friend. She doesn't expect that to change the night the two meet her tall, dark, and mysterious neighbor across the hall. At first sight, Alec doesn't appear to want anything to do with either one of them. He's too busy breaking the apartment building's rules about no pets. Whisper can't believe the size of Alec's pet leopard, one that quickly becomes attached to her. When Alec offers her five dates to put out or walk away, Whisper can't bring herself to be offended. The man is crazy. His pet has the same name as his twin brother, and what they do in the park at night should have her running in the opposite direction. Alec might be much more than a girl can handle no matter how bad she wants it.


Running from her abusive ex, Shira goes to her old school friend, Whisper, for help. Instead of Whisper, she meets Max, a sexy if gruff man she's immediately attracted to. Max seems just as dominate as her ex, but there's a gentleness to him too that draws Shira closer. When Max offers Shira a job, she jumps on it because she feels safe for the first time in a long time. Between Max and the leopard that saves her from her ex, Shira no longer has to live in fear. She's even falling for Max. There is only one problem. She can't compete with the beautiful blonde that still owns Max's heart.