Friday, December 9, 2011

Coming in February 2012 for ARe's Perfect Strangers

Toya is on the way to a funeral when she’s pulled over by the sexiest cop she’s ever laid eyes on. When she discovers she doesn’t have her wallet with her license in it, she decides it’s time to use her feminine charms to get out of trouble. The super short skirt and the f*me high-heeled boots should do the trick, but this cop doesn’t seem impressed in the least.

Tripp is finding it hard to remain detached and professional while doing his job looking at the chocolate beauty he’s just pulled over. And when he discovers she’s driving without a license, he asks her to step out of the car. With a body he’d like to sample right there on the side of the road, this woman forces him to make her a proposition that has nothing to do with the law—no strings attached sex, all weekend long. But what will he do when it’s time for Toya to leave his small town and go back to New York?