Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Great Review for Tripp in Love

From Blackraven's Reviews:

Tripp in Love by Tressie Lockwood is a sexy romp with a feisty, but at times insecure heroine and a headstrong, gorgeous hero who is all alpha and knows exactly what he wants in a woman. The chemistry between Toya and Tripp is intense and the sex is explosive, yet tender as these two discover one another and forge a path to their Happily Ever After.

Toya is witty, intelligent, sexy and most of the time confident in her own skin. Her initial encounter with Tripp had me laughing as she struggled with how to handle the situation. You can’t help but love this heroine because she knows how to be strong and stand-up for herself when things become complicated in her relationship with Tripp.

Tripp exudes sensuality and is a force to be reckoned with when it’s something or someone that he wants. The man is sex on a stick and simply delicious. While he’s headstrong and knows exactly what or should I say who he wants in life, I like how Ms. Lockwood also allowed the reader to see the softer, sweeter side of this man who is full of surprises.

The secondary characters, especially Tripp’s brother, plays a pivotal role in the story by creating the additional conflict that tests Tripp and Toya’s relationship and that’s all I’m saying. Ms. Lockwood has penned a set of well-developed, three-dimensional characters who simply leap off the pages and quickly hold a place in your heart. The plot is engaging and I like how Ms. Lockwood allowed the story to play out instead of rushing the characters in a direction they were meant to go. Overtime, the secrets were revealed, the heartache and deceit from the past was acknowledged and then put where it belongs, and the future for this couple looked bright. The ending was an added bonus that I absolutely enjoyed and made me want to read the book again. :)

Tripp in Love is a tantalizing read complete with sexy characters who will grab your attention from page one and never let you go. If that doesn’t get your attention, then the scorching hot sex will because it’s off the charts. At one point during the book, I considering contacting the fire department because my e-reader was definitely on fire from the explosive passion these two exhibited throughout the story. Overall, Tripp in Love by Tressie Lockwood has it all, engaging, witty characters, a well-developed plot, smoking hot sex, and a love that is definitely everlasting. So, if you haven’t picked up a copy of Tripp in Love, what are you waiting on?