Saturday, September 13, 2014

Creed is Available.

Creed is now available for preorder on Amazon. 

Creed Marquette has always done what it takes to make sure he and his brothers come out on top. He’s seen despair and hunger in his life, but as a newly declared billionaire in Forbes magazine, he still doesn’t feel like this is it. There’s something missing, and the fact is, despite all his hard work, the past keeps rising to influence the present. He can’t deny himself.

To complicate matters, Creed’s brothers, the irresponsible men that they are, have purchased a restaurant in New Orleans, and they want Creed to join them. Leave the corporate world that got them where they are to go work a failing restaurant without experience? But this just might be what Creed’s been looking for.

Now, all he needs to do is hire the chef, a sexy beauty with a smart mouth who almost killed him by serving him peanuts in his food. Well, Shada Howard did save his life while he was completely naked. Maybe New Orleans won’t be so bad after all. Not if he can tame her and make her his!