Saturday, December 23, 2017

If Rowan Knew...

If Rowan knew what happened on the day his wife died, he wouldn’t have asked Brielle to marry him. If Brielle had any sense, she wouldn’t have said yes. But their marriage is an arranged one, without hope of love. Rowan still pines for the woman who wasn’t what he thought she was, and Brielle is racked with guilt over her part in Rowan’s late wife’s death.

Brielle never saw herself falling in love with her chilly but generous husband. The life of financial security she envisioned has grown complicated, and she doesn’t know which way to turn. When she learns she’s pregnant, she thinks it’s time to stop living in a fantasy world, but leaving Rowan is harder than telling him the truth.

The Right One

Jack Miller is having a hard time relating to his preteen daughter. Every time he opens his mouth, he frightens her. His answer to the problem is to keep his distance no matter how much it hurts. Then his life gets complicated when his daughter’s mom needs Jack to take care of his daughter full time. Jack’s way out of his depth. Luckily, his older brother has the solution—a nanny.

In walks Nailah Deas, Jack’s ex. Jack can’t believe his brother would hire the one woman he can’t bear to see, the woman who told him she preferred another man over him. But Nailah has always had a way with his daughter—and a way with Jack. He wants to keep his distance with Nailah too, but how can he when she’s even sexier than she was five years ago? Jack is tempted to let Nailah be the bridge between him and his daughter, but he needs a wall to keep his hands from the woman who still owns his heart.

His family hasn’t fully accepted him, and danger lurks around the corner. Soon Jack has to make a decision—take back what’s his or let it go forever.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

His Brother's Keeper 

Brand Johansson wasn’t overly interested in getting to know his brothers and his uncle. As a child, he was adopted because his mother abandoned him. His adoptive parents decided he wasn’t what they wanted. Twice betrayed, he didn’t have a whole lot of use for family and little patience with other people. Most often, anger drove him, but that didn’t get in the way of his job as a private investigator.

When Brand’s younger brother sets his sights on Shawnita Taylor, Brand knows it isn’t a good idea. He figures the best way to foil his brother’s plans is to seduce her himself. Not an easy task when Brand’s bad attitude causes him to insult her loud enough for an entire room full of people to hear.

Soon Brand realizes Shawnita is the perfect lover. He can’t get enough of her of sweet body or her sassy mouth. The question is will she trust him once he reveals a secret that could destroy the tenuous relationship between his brothers?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Married to the Wolf

What Sophia thought was going to be the perfect marriage turned out to be more than she bargained for. She had thought Sebastian St. James was the sexiest, most loving man she had ever met. After all, it was his idea to wait until their wedding night to make love for the first time. Sophia couldn’t have known the reason Sebastian wanted to wait was because he was a wolf shifter, and the beast could hardly be contained when he got his hands on her body.

Now she’s run away from her husband, scared to face the new life she chose for herself. What she didn’t realize was that once Sebastian made her his mate, there was no turning back. They share a bond that cannot be broken. Sebastian’s wolf has claimed her as his own, and he won’t give her up so easily.

Their relationship is even more complicated by the fact that none of his people believe Sophia can be his mate, and they want her gone--permanently. Faced with rejection and danger without and doubts and fears within, Sophia must go back.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Ice In His Veins

Arik Johansson grew up in the foster care system after his mother abandoned him. He’s known the betrayal of family and has decided he doesn’t want one of his own. Keeping emotions in check has always worked for him. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of taking his secretary as his lover.

Chevelle Taylor is everything Arik wants in a woman. She is beautiful and intelligent and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. Arik told her from the start he can’t offer her anything other than an affair. Chevelle accepts his deal, and all is as it should be in his life. Then a man shows up in his office telling him he has brothers and bringing back memories Arik prefers to forget. His orderly world is beginning to tilt, and to make matters worse, Chevelle might be cheating on him.

Time to make some decisions that take things from bad to worse.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Reaching His Heart

This is the third and final book in The Sartoris series.

Cason Sartori never took life too seriously. He was too busy driving fast, spending his money, and seducing women. Then his wild lifestyle caught up with him in the form of a near fatal accident. The happy go lucky Cason is thrown into the depths of despair because he can't walk, his body is horribly scarred, and he's lost sight in one eye. He's sure no woman will ever look at him with interest again. With a sour attitude, he's ready to give up on life, but his brother Ezio has another plan.

Solette Turner has dealt with angry and resentful patients before in her line of work. She's sure she can get Cason up and walking again, even change his attitude about his situation. What she didn't count on was falling for him so deeply. All Solette's life, she's faced abuse and cruelty. While it looks like Cason is just another man who spouts hurtful words, she also sees his pain and wants to take it away.

Cason claims he's never been anyone's hero, but when Solette needs his protection most, he'll be there.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Books

The two works below are CLEAN. There's plenty of sexual tension, but all intimacy other than kissing is behind closed doors.

Accepting His Name -

If you like gentle and sweet heroes who treat their heroines like a princess, Ezio is not for you. Ezio Sartori married Shakarri Watson for one reason—he needed an heir to his fortune. All the terms were laid out in the contract Ezio’s lawyer drew up. Shakarri agreed because she was desperate to get out from under a debt she couldn’t handle, one left to her by her scheming no good father. But the cost for taking on Ezio’s name might be too high for Shakarri to pay.

Ezio is used to everyone obeying his orders, and he expects Shakarri to do the same. The contract she signed specifically states her obligation to please Ezio. Shakarri’s husband wants her pregnant within three to six months, as if a woman can control her body to such a degree.

He’s got a lot of demands, chief being Shakarri’s obedience. She’s beginning to think she made a big mistake in marrying Ezio except for two problems. One, Ezio has taken over the payments for her debt, and he can just as easily give them back. Two, intimacy with her husband is far beyond Shakarri’s wildest imagination. There are even times she suspects there’s a heart beating behind the cold exterior. She’s starting to feel something for him.

Now she has to decide—does she stay and remain at his mercy for the rest of her life or as long as he has need of her? Or should she run while she still has control of her own heart?

Involuntary Daddy -

Gabriel Reiss' business is home improvement, but when his twin asks him to work in his Daddy Day Care for one day, that's the last thing Gabe wants to do. He's steered clear of kids ever since the tragedy of five years ago when his heart was destroyed. Now Gabriel keeps his distance from women with kids, and he lets anyone he meets know it will never be serious between them. He doesn't want a family--ever. Then Gabe meets Neeka and her three-year-old daughter Monnie.

Unique "Neeka" Desmond is only interested in helping her daughter overcome her social anxiety. She refuses to repeat the mistakes of the past like getting involved with a man who's rough around the edges, who's arrogant and thinks only of himself and what he wants. That's what Monnie's dad was like, and she won't fall for a man like that again. That is, until she meets Gabriel. He's angry, outspoken, opinionated, mean, and smoking hot. Worse, he makes friends with Monnie in one day then has the nerve to ask Neeka out on a date.

There can't be anything between them, but trouble from the past comes knocking, and Neeka needs a stand-in daddy--even if it's an involuntary one.