Friday, September 27, 2019

Now Available: Unacceptable 

There are two things Jazelle loves in life—her business and her best friend. Although she’s in the friend zone, she would jump at a chance to marry Min Ki. Jazelle wishes for more, but she’s happy—until tragedy strikes. Her best friend is gone, and in his place is his cousin, Joon Park.

Joon could never understand the fun and fulfillment Jazelle and Min Ki had running their furniture refurbishing business. Joon is too serious to be creative, but he’s inherited half of Jazelle’s business. He’s opinionated and stubborn, and Jazelle just wants him gone.

Jazelle isn’t the only one with a broken heart. With time, she learns that Min Ki wasn’t everything she thought he was, and Joon is so much more than she could believe.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Blended Blues

Hello, my friends and readers,

I hope your new year is going well! It's been a few months since I put out a book. I had a few health challenges and had to have surgery. I thought I was going to get this latest book done in time. Unfortunately, the closer I got to my surgery date, the more anxious I became. I couldn't make myself reach my deadline.

My idea this time is to explore a relationship where the man is a bit jaded and gun-shy. He's been hurt almost to the point of destroying his belief in women. Cameron had concentrated on raising his daughter, and he's done great. Well, sort of. He's a little too soft on his smart-mouthed preteen.

Zakkiyah has also been hurt, but she's kind of approaching her challenges a different way. She's wild, unpredictable, and all about fun. That is, until she's called into court to settle a custody dispute for her infant nephew. Zakkiyah doesn't seem like she'd ever make a good mom. I mean throughout the book, she sticks to her offbeat ways.

I think Blended Blues could be an enjoyable read for you. Check out the blurb below. Also, if you would like to see me tackle a subject you've never seem me write, please, by all means, contact me. I might be open to try something new. Of course, I have my own preferences, as you've probably gathered over the years.

I like heroines who don't have it all together because let's face it, most of us don't have it all together. I like to think that right in the midst of making our lives work, we find that One Man, who's just for us.

Did I ever tell you, readers? I got married a little over a year ago myself. My sweet husband is so wonderful too. Don't get me wrong, marriage is a challenge. When you know you've chosen well and right, you stand through it all. I'm happy!

Okay, without further ado, here's Blended Blues. Ladies and gentleman, please note I'm using an affiliate link below. If you click on it and buy something, you aren't charged extra. I make a tiny (super tiny!!) commission. Thanks for clicking and buying anyway. I much appreciate you! :o)

- Tress

Zakiyyah Watts lives life on her own terms. She loves to have a good time, and she works hard to be able to afford her lifestyle of never letting anything tie her down. Everything changes when she finds herself in court fighting for custody of her late twin sister’s son. Kiyyah never wanted to be a mom. She doesn’t know what it’s like to have a family that’s always there.

In walks Cameron Dean, sheriff of a small town and ranch owner. The rigid and uncompromising single dad can’t understand a woman like Kiyyah. She’s irresponsible, and she reminds Cam of his ex-wife, who abandoned him and their young daughter. Despite knowing Kiyyah could never make a good mother, Cam decides the best way to care for the baby is to share custody with Kiyyah.

Cam didn’t count on how much of a temptation Kiyyah is. She’s wild and beautiful, stubborn and sexy—and she interferes in his life at every turn. He tries to deny what his heart and body is telling him. Then he begins to see the real woman, the person who is just as lonely and vulnerable as he is. When the situation gets desperate, Cam must step up or risk losing the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

One Night at Christmas

Bryson Scott and Charon Cooper are best friends who have never met—in person. Every morning, Charon starts her day with a video chat with Bryson. They cook breakfast together, talk about everything, and then go about their separate lives. Two people couldn’t be more different.

Bryson dreams of power, position, and money. He will stop at nothing to get it, including marrying the right woman. Charon just wants a quiet and stress-free life. She’s happy working in a pizza restaurant while improving her art.

When Bryson tells Charon he’s drawing up a contract to get married, Charon knows it’s time to let go of the man she’s come to love. She won’t keep being his friend if he’s unavailable. Bryson doesn’t like it, but neither of them is willing to give up on their dreams.

So Bryson makes a proposal. One night at Christmas, they spend it together in person, making love. Then they say good-bye forever. The night is everything Charon could imagine. Big, sexy Bryson burns Charon up in the bedroom. But the fallout, beginning the next morning, is not according to plan.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

With His Touch

With His Touch is the sequel to The Way Back. This is Jamie's story. Jamie started to think he was missing something when he watched Keon get a wife and start having kids. There should be someone perfect for him, and he shouldn't have a problem picking her right out since he did it once for his buddy. Only Jamie's girl isn't who he or anyone else would think. Cabrina is a little rough and a lot of innocence. 

Cabrina Barnes has had to fight to survive. From as far back as she can remember her father and brother have been abusive and cruel. When her mother died, she fled the home where she grew up. She learned self-defense and carries a weapon for protection. While she won't let a man get too close, she dreams of something more. A real family feels like an impossible dream. Then she meets Jamie.

Jamie Westgate feels a little jealous of his best friend. Keon has found love and a family, but Jamie is still alone. He's got money and success, but it means nothing without someone to share it with. From the first day he meets Cabrina, Jamie loves her.

Everyone thinks Jamie's crazy, especially because Cabrina is clumsy, ignorant, and blunt as hell. The day they meet, Cabrina pulls a gun on him. He doesn't know if she's manipulating him or if she's truly as vulnerable as she seems. Regardless of Cabrina's motives, once Jamie rescues her from danger, he won't let her go—even if she fights him all the way to the altar.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Cerulean Secret

UPDATE: I had to change this cover because I decided to do a sequel to The Way Back to tell Jamie's story. I didn't want anyone to get confused. So here is the updated cover for Cerulean Secret.

I know. Cerulean Secret has a similar cover to The Way Back.
The story has nothing to do with The Way Back, but I loved the cover so much, I decided why fix something when it's not broken. Lol. Anyway, Cerulean Secret is about 51,000 words. Yay for longer! The interesting thing about this book is that I broke my normal mold again. Bradley is 45 years old, while Stacia is only 25 years old. Yikes!

He's sexy and kind, the ultimate good guy. I think you'll love him. Give Bradley a chance. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Way Back

This book is a longer one, being 51,000 words. Keon is hurting so much. At the same time, he's being mean, striking out from a broken heart. Shakita is time enough for him. I love this cover beyond all reason. I can't stop looking at it. Lol. Anyway, I hope you'll like this story.


Keon Kitson has lost his five-year-old son in a car accident, the same way he lost his parents when he was a kid. His fiancée left him before he woke from a coma. Keon can't see past the pain in his heart and the darkness surrounding him. He wants to give up on life, but his best friend keeps pushing him to go on--as if it could ever get better.

Shakita Chambers has just landed a dream job working with a man she's admired for years. She would love to learn all she can from Keon, a world famous author. Except Keon is broken. He's determined to drink himself into the grave, starve himself there, or tick her off so bad she kills him herself.

Despite Keon's ugly attitude, Shakita is attracted to him. One minute they're arguing, the next they can't keep their hands off each other. Shakita knows she's playing a dangerous game. Keon still loves his ex, and his ex won't let him forget it.

Shakita's worried about her heart, and so is every other interfering busybody in her life.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Matching Tony

I was in the mood to break story structure rules in this one. The book starts out from the POV of the friend and boss of the heroine. Just for fun. I wanted to show some behind the scenes finagling. I hope you enjoy it.

Just so you know, Tony isn't a pro boxer. He boxes to stay in shape. And he's in very good shape! Probably many of my readers enjoy reading the sex parts, but honestly once you've read a few, they're just reordered words. One gets tired of writing sex, sex, sex. You can mix up the elements of a story far more than you can mix up what happens in the bedroom after two hundred books.

Anyway, here is the blurb, and I hope you like.

Author's Note: While there is lots of delicious tension between the hero and heroine, this work is CLEAN.

Tony Russo is an average Joe, but his dream is to work in protective services. Chanise Bailey is an image consultant with a little hitch in her personal image. She's overweight and not at all confident in her choices regarding men.

After breaking free of an abusive relationship, Chanise is on the right road to a better life. She's working for her friend Lucy, who owns a matchmaking agency for people with a little more money. As a favor, Chanise agrees to allow Lucy's cousin Tony to be her bodyguard. What she didn't count on is just how sexy and perfect Tony is. From his healthy eating habits and his skills in boxing to the hero complex he seems to have, Tony is everything Chanise should avoid if she wants to hold onto her heart.

Chanise is insistent that she doesn't need Tony, but he's dogging her every step. He lives in her house and drives her car. They eat together and sleep… Ten days—that's all she will allow him to train using her as the test client. Then he's out. After all there's nothing and no one in her life that poses any danger, right?