Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July!!

Had a total blast last night at Dahlia Rose's house. Earlier in the day, she had a cookout with her family and mine in attendance. Her hubby and his buddy set up fireworks for us to enjoy. Now imagine it's dark out there with light from the shed and a bit from the streetlights out front. We were in back. Then you see the shadows of two men with hats on with lights on them. Dahlia said they looked like miners.

The first row of chairs included the brave ones, the boy kids. The women were way farther away in the back in a row of chairs with the babies and Dahlia's little girl. Then Rob comes over with his head light hat on and says, "Okay, if anything goes wrong, the signal is Hit the Deck!" and everyone goes that way to get to safety."

You can imagine we were getting nervous at that point. Everything was going great. And then Dahlia and I are sitting there saying wow, you see that one? Seemed like it was low. Another "zip" sound and a light ball goes to the right of us. One more to the left. We're still sitting there watching the boys clear out. And only then did it occur to us. Yeah, maybe we should run! It was so funny.

And all of us women are like hey where was the signal? I didn't hear any "Hit the Deck!" The men were in denial. Lol. But it was hilarious. We couldn't stop laughing, and Dahlia kept saying crazy stuff that made me wish I'd recorded her to post it online. ;o)

By the time I walked home, I was so glad I had my oldest son to walk with me, because the entire block was smoky from all the neighbors and their fireworks. Of course someone said "man, this reminds me of a horror movie." I scooted home quick. All in all we had a great time.

Hope you had a fun and safe Fourth of July as well.