Saturday, December 3, 2016

Reaching His Heart

This is the third and final book in The Sartoris series.

Cason Sartori never took life too seriously. He was too busy driving fast, spending his money, and seducing women. Then his wild lifestyle caught up with him in the form of a near fatal accident. The happy go lucky Cason is thrown into the depths of despair because he can't walk, his body is horribly scarred, and he's lost sight in one eye. He's sure no woman will ever look at him with interest again. With a sour attitude, he's ready to give up on life, but his brother Ezio has another plan.

Solette Turner has dealt with angry and resentful patients before in her line of work. She's sure she can get Cason up and walking again, even change his attitude about his situation. What she didn't count on was falling for him so deeply. All Solette's life, she's faced abuse and cruelty. While it looks like Cason is just another man who spouts hurtful words, she also sees his pain and wants to take it away.

Cason claims he's never been anyone's hero, but when Solette needs his protection most, he'll be there.