Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Duke is Available Now!!

Duke has always been the black sheep of the Marquette family. While his cousins were making billions, Duke was busy getting thrown out of the army and landing inside jail. He never cared too much about anyone else, least of all falling in love.

Then he started working at the famous Marquette's restaurant in New Orleans, his cousins' venture. Creed demanded responsibility, but the word wasn't in Duke's vocabulary. Not until he met Takiyah Silver.

At first Duke wanted her blond friend, but he couldn't get the sexy Kiyah out of his head. Kiyah was all about taking care of her teenage son and making a living. When her son gets into serious trouble that could destroy Kiyah's well-ordered life, Duke wants to step up. But how can a woman like her depend on a man who has nothing to offer?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Duke is Coming - Today, Tomorrow, or This Week! Get Ready!

Duke is coming. Either today or tomorrow. Get ready! You remember Duke, right? The fourth book in the Marquette Family series? I hope my readers are looking forward to it.

I had a hard time at first because I felt like Duke was such a jerk, and I didn't like him. Somehow, I knew he could be redeemed, and that he could find love.

Underneath it all, Duke has been misunderstood. Even his own family didn't fully realize what Duke had done and would do for them. We learned a little about the lengths Duke would go to in Stefan's book.

But Duke still needed to make some reforms in his character. Nothing works like the love of a good woman, right? Still, don't count him out. He's still the black sheep of the family, and some things will never change.