Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Snowing Again

It's snowing again! I feel so trapped. I like being able to leave the house even if I decide not to leave it. The option is nice. My SUV is buried, sort of. I thought we would be good and out of this by tonight, but now it's snowing again. The car to the right of the pic has pretty much been abandoned there until the snow melts. The owner was just spinning his tires yesterday, making a racket. The person next to the tree is pulling a sled. It's the only way to get out of street. Seriously.

I've been watching back-to-back anime. You know how I love my anime, but even that has begun to get old. I have written some yesterday. Today remains to be seen. In December, I had determined to go to Florida during the winter next season. That's almost an entire year away. Man, I so need it right now. I thought I had moved far enough south to avoid this kind of snow. Nope.

Ah well. I guess eventually I will escape, but for now, happy reading to you. I'm alive and well.

- Tress