Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Gifts

On my to do list today, I have to figure out what to get for my mother. What do you get for an eighty-two year old who already has everything she values. Maybe yourself? She would love for me and the boys to travel back home to see her, but that's not possible right now. So what else?

I feel like we fell into a rut of buying a gift card or a Bath and Body Works basket. She probably groaned inwardly each time and pasted on a smile. "Oh thank you. That was so thoughtful." In reality, she probably was saying "For real? I didn't use the last bath salts you bought! Who likes ____ (fill in the blank) scent?"

So here I am again, annoyed, impatient when I should be grateful to this loving woman and show my appreciation of all she has done for me, starting with bringing me into this world so I can have all these wonderful experiences I've had so far. ;)

Any suggestions?

A clock
A purse
Gift Card


  1. I feel you- I am having the same problem myself What I did last year was since I was unable to come home I sent her a Preview for an all girls weekend I had planned for when I could get there. Then for mothers day I got her a theme gift to enjoy during our girls weekend. I planed some fun and spa events and booked a suite for the weekend- She complained about me missing the money but the smile was payment enough :) Hope this helps

  2. Awesome, Jazz. I think you're right. The best gift to our mothers is when they can see our faces. I'm thinking I'll be the same way when my boys leave home. Wait, did you mean her smile for you? Lol. That's great too, knowing you made her happy. :)