Monday, June 29, 2015

Stefan is Available Now!

Yay, I'm so glad to offer Stefan to my readers. He's so yummy. Let me tell you. Everyone loves Stefan, and that's why it's so hard for anyone to accept the rough and tough Talicia Clay. She's nothing like what anybody pictures sweet, loving Stefan to be with.

Drama ensues in this book. You'll get an update on Shada and Creed and their drama. You'll learn more about the unexpected cousin Duke, who shows up out of nowhere last book. You'll learn more about Stefan and of course the heroine Talicia. Not to mention her over the top gay brother. Lawd help us all!

Talicia brings fire and passion to Stefan's life, and he offers her what she's never had as well. You'll see what that is when you read it. Below is the real blurb now that I've droned on and on.



Stefan has a secret he hasn't shared with his family. Sometimes he disappears from the restaurant to visit a night club on the wrong side of town. He performs there, and it's where he met Talicia. Stefan would rather keep his worlds separate, but fate has other ideas.

Talicia loves Stefan, but she knows her rough edges would never work in his world. She just wants him in her life for however long it lasts. Talicia's poor decision puts Sefan in danger and brings her before the rest of the Marquettes, who love Stefan just as much as she does.

This isn't just any kind of family. Talicia might be in bigger trouble than she first thought.

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  1. I loved Stefan. When is Duke coming? I need more

  2. Thanks, Evelyn. Duke is coming as soon as I figure out how to make him a better man. Right now he's a jerk. Lol.

  3. I can't wait to read it!! You are by far one of my favorite writers!

    1. Thanks, Pandora. :) I hope you like it.