Monday, January 22, 2018

No Twists, No Turns, Just Love

Here is the longest title in history. Kidding! I don't know why I wanted to use this title. It worked, and I was in a mood, so... Anyway, dear readers, I hope you will enjoy my new work. For those of you who are still looking for the sequel to Married to the Wolf, I will write it. I'm just not sure how soon. Thank you so much for your patience.

Happy Reading! - Tress

Leila lost everything the day she found out her fiancĂ© was a no good lying cheater. She had ignored all the signs, but the truth wouldn’t stay hidden for long. Before she could come to terms with her broken heart, her life went off the tracks—literally. A train derailment left Leila with no memory of her past or herself. She’s got no one—except Night Foster.

Night made a decision he might live to regret. The day he walked into Leila’s hospital room and realized she had lost the only people who loved her, he knew he had to change things. And so he lied. He told Leila he was her best friend and began the long walk to recovery with her.

Night ignored his own grieving heart to help Leila. It doesn’t matter if she learns the truth about who he is and begins to hate him. He’s not worthy of a woman like her anyway. He’ll get her to a stronger place and then move on. Unfortunately, his heart—and Leila—won’t let that happen.

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