Thursday, June 14, 2018

Matching Tony

I was in the mood to break story structure rules in this one. The book starts out from the POV of the friend and boss of the heroine. Just for fun. I wanted to show some behind the scenes finagling. I hope you enjoy it.

Just so you know, Tony isn't a pro boxer. He boxes to stay in shape. And he's in very good shape! Probably many of my readers enjoy reading the sex parts, but honestly once you've read a few, they're just reordered words. One gets tired of writing sex, sex, sex. You can mix up the elements of a story far more than you can mix up what happens in the bedroom after two hundred books.

Anyway, here is the blurb, and I hope you like.

Author's Note: While there is lots of delicious tension between the hero and heroine, this work is CLEAN.

Tony Russo is an average Joe, but his dream is to work in protective services. Chanise Bailey is an image consultant with a little hitch in her personal image. She's overweight and not at all confident in her choices regarding men.

After breaking free of an abusive relationship, Chanise is on the right road to a better life. She's working for her friend Lucy, who owns a matchmaking agency for people with a little more money. As a favor, Chanise agrees to allow Lucy's cousin Tony to be her bodyguard. What she didn't count on is just how sexy and perfect Tony is. From his healthy eating habits and his skills in boxing to the hero complex he seems to have, Tony is everything Chanise should avoid if she wants to hold onto her heart.

Chanise is insistent that she doesn't need Tony, but he's dogging her every step. He lives in her house and drives her car. They eat together and sleep… Ten days—that's all she will allow him to train using her as the test client. Then he's out. After all there's nothing and no one in her life that poses any danger, right?

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